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Would you have liked to have been one of the cabin crew working on that flight? Where did he learn to fly? Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook Page for these articles. According to Mark, what makes a good test pilot? If you were a member of the airline how would you explain to a passenger that they had to stand?

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We will post a discussion question each week. Practice paraphrasing by asking the questions you came up with in a different way. The pilots, year-old Belgian Danny Philemotte, who was also owner of the tiny airline, Filair. In short, your assessor will be able to find out a lot about your level of English by how you answer simple questions.

Besides blowing out the main landing gear tyres, a minor tyre-related fire erupted. The crocodile also survived the crash, but was later killed with a machete by authorities. The cause of the accident was an escaped crocodile which created panic among the passengers and crew.

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What is the most difficult part of your job? It can be very easy to lose track of time and study is not always productive. How did passengers and crew react?

What do you like about your job? If your grammar and listening skills are weak I recommend that you try the lower level courses which give you more grammar and listening practice.

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Comprehension questions Before answering the questions, read the article again and identify which sentences use passive voice and which sentences use active voice. Experts say that such a crash would be rare.

It covers components and systems, flight instruments, performance limitations, preflight and ground operations, launch procedures, flight maneuvers, etc. Eighty six passengers and five crew members were evacuated. The incident has not been denied by the airline and aviation regulators are said to be probing the incident. Read the scenario and then take a few moments to compose you thoughts. Pilots wishing to improve their flying proficiency will benefit from the information in this pilot resource.

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The first officer was flying the plane during the landing and the captain took over when the problem occurred. The airline has not denied the incident.

How did you become interested in aviation? Philemotte and his first officer, year-old Briton Chris Wilson, were unable to maintain control of the Czech-made L Turbolet once it became unbalanced. Did you ever have any doubts about becoming a pilot? They are very supportive but it requires a lot of hard work to maintain relationships.

Read the article and then answer the questions. Damage to the tyres showed evidence of being locked on touchdown. Around the same time, air traffic control tower personnel reported observing sparks and smoke around the main landing gear. As aviation English teachers we want you to be independent learners so doing as much self-study as you can is a good thing.

Who does he credit for being able to release the parking brake? In this article you can watch a video of an interview with a Boeing test pilot talking about his life and career. It introduces the knowledge that is needed in pilot training.

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The adult travellers stood for the entire five-hour flight, except for when the plane hit turbulence, during which time the passengers were forced to sit in the aisle without seatbelts. This handbook is for student pilots, as well as those pursuing more advanced certificates.

Advice for learning English from Aviation English Asia. In this article we are going to look at passive and active voice, and why they are used in English. If you want to improve your English, talk to us! What do you get in the free demos? Of course, this blog will continue to give you some free Aviation English lessons, but the best possible resource is our mailing list.

It is always good to practice English at every opportunity, and make good use of free resources on the internet. When the plane flew through turbulence, they went from standing to sitting in the aisle where they had no safety belts. Why do you think the airline made the decision to make passengers stand? He talks about his motivation for becoming a pilot and also his career path. But first of all, can you explain what happened in this picture from a different event?

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The ability to form and ask questions is very important in Aviation English. If you have a question, ask it on our Facebook Discussion forum, in ein pdf dokument schreiben you can also make contact with other Aviation English learners having similar experiences.

There is more than one possible question to match each answer above, and also more than one way to ask a question. Where did the incident happen?

What do you think the questions were? This updated guide covers a wide array of fundamental subjects, including principles of flight.