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Worth reading for anyone interested in Chinese history, for sure. Footnotes on the bottom of pages explain things going on in China that add to the historical background of the story. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Open Preview See a Problem?

Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. The Family ought to be required reading for anyone wanting to understand Chinese youths of that age. It melds old Chinese tradition with modern China, and gives you insight into the way Chinese people think and feel, about their own culture and the world at large.

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Maar wanneer je de revolutie wil doorzetten, moet je veel opofferen. It's a very heavy book on the issues it touches on. Ze zegt zelf dat dit laf is. The story follows the Gao family in a Ba Jin semi autobiography. It provided a closer look at the time period we're studying now.

Not to be confused with Bak Jin. The way he describes the gardens is absolutely stunning.

As demonstrated in The Family, the transition from the old China and the new was paved with the misery of many, and the joy of a few. The story concerns a wealthy family of four generations living in one mansion. The novel is constructed around three sons of the Gao family, whose family is a stronghold of hypocritical conservatism. There appears to be a fairly good English version translated by Sidney Shapiro, though slightly abridged. It follows how they learn to live with the changing times, ccn 51 pdf either by continuing to be filial or by rebelling against the old system completely.

Family - Chapters 1-3 Summary & Analysis

The three brothers are all developed so well, and they're all so different. In her Editor's Note, Lang discusses the history of the text, pointing out that certain passages, the anarchist elements, had been deleted from the Foreign Languages Press edition. The literature of this region is treated in separate articles on Chinese literature, Korean literature, and Japanese literature.

De hoeksteen van de Chinese beschaving is namelijk familie. It's easy to connect with each of the characters in some way or another. He struggles with many internal conflicts as he bows down to the entire family and obeys them without objection, while his heart yearns to break free. Maar Ba Jin vermenselijkt hier op prachtige wijze dat de monsters van de traditie, iets wat andere schrijvers uit die tijd vaak verzuimen. Een briefjeswisseling tussen Citer en Soe Glimlach Ik ben ook geen fan van de letterlijke vertalingen van de namen.

Ming-feng's death may have been unavoidable, but Jui-cheuh's fate seemed unnecessary. The This is a classic Chinese novel about tradition versus change and modernity. Almost all of their situations were heartbreaking, which reflected the effect the Confucian system had on women and how it treated them like they were less than people. The story follows the Kao family, which lives in a compound with four generations under its roof.

Chapters 1-3 Summary

Set during the time of modernization, it tells the story of how Western influence clashed with the Confucian beliefs that had been ingrained in Chinese society for hundreds of years. His brother, Chueh-hsin, was the pushover head of the family who was, at times, even more likable than Chueh-hui despite him saying he didn't have enough power to do anything. Ting supplemental Hong Xuezhi supplemental Ye Xuanping supplemental. De toekomst voor hem is onduidelijk, maar hij weet dat er geen andere optie is dan door te gaan.

The gentry society remained greatly unchanged, with the eldest male acting as the patriarch and all under him obeying his orders without question. The book switches perspectives a lot, which, at times, can be annoying. Ba Jin made further changes for Shapiro's translation. Not a perfect novel, this has too many technical faults, like sentimentality and melodrama.

Mei suffers for years, as she longs for the one man she loved. He became an anarchist in the mids. Ze wil enkel haar moeder niet teleurstellen.

Fukuoka Prize special prize. The three brothers are all devel There are several beautiful things about this book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Having been born to a wealthy gentry family, Li Yaotang received a traditional Confucian education as well as training in modern foreign languages and literatures.

Haar moeder, die haar zoveel heeft gegeven, hecht enorm veel waarde aan de traditionele waarden, en Citer besluit de liefde en waardering van haar moeder te stellen boven de revolutie. He spoke and advocated Esperanto and in the s was the vice-president of the Chinese Esperanto League. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Although he formally renounced his anarchist ideas in the late s, he never fully adapted himself to the new society, and he stopped writing fiction.

Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Written from a position of modernity, Pa Chin takes a fairly rigid expression in recognizing the heavy burden of tradition centered on the Chinese family. An essential work for anyone interested in the society and history of modern China!

The first half of the twentieth century was a period of great turmoil in China. Towards the end, the book also gets outright sad - almost depressing. The Family focuses on three brothers from the Gao family, Juexin, Juemin and Juehui, and their struggles with the oppressive autocracy of their fengjian and patriarchal family. Niet omdat ze het oordeel van buitenstaanders vreest.