Balvenie 25 y single barrel, balvenie 25 y single barrel

The finish is long and after the bitterness leaves my mouth tastes like I just drank a sweet bourbon instead of scotch! But this is truly something special and well worth the price. This bottle was a gift from my real estate agent after we bought our house.

Your Son-in-Law will love it and you. The components are correct. The taste begins sweet, mainly because the nose set an expectation of fruity flavours.

This also helps support the sense that the Double Wood tastes like whisky can be expected by many. For me it is the finish that really makes this scotch. The finish, which I found rather short, brings out toffee, but it's the sherry that dominates again. This is my favorite scotch whiskey, period. Not nearly as sweet as many other scotches in its price-range e.

These are limited edition bottlings, with each bottle being one of no more than drawn from a single cask. That said, I drank my single malts with ice for about five years before I graduated to neat. It means that the individual characteristics which arise in a given barrel are present only in the or so bottles which are filled from that cask. The fact that not all the barrels go into sherry butts along with the moderate time in sherry butts gives the Double Wood a lighter sherry note.

Fantastic - just opened a good bottle from a good friend, with a good friend - not disappointed! Lots of sweet and a tiny bit of sour old hay and the finish is dark fruits and honey for miles. It could be better that I eyed it for so long as I was able to really appreciate this dram. This Whisky carries a Medium finish. Alas too much money for what it is.

Balvenie 25 Y Single Barrel

Not overpowering but not imperceptible - but somewhere in the middle. The nose is sweet and largely vanilla, although both refreshing and very light bitter notes can be detected, very leafy smells, both of them. The taste itself is lacking in flavor big time. There was a very slight spice that was eventually overwhelmed by that syrupy warmth previously detected in the nose.

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Honey, syrup, speeddating neubrandenburg and a light amount of wood. You can also smell the spices. It's just as if it has been put through the blander.

  • This is punchy up front with aromas of spiced apples baked on a campfire served with ice cream and then with honey and treacle flavours pushing through the mid-palate.
  • Cooked fruit and baking spices, hints of sponge cake and creamy caramel.
  • Spicy and lightly charred Dundee cake.

Balvenie 25 Year Old Single Barrel Whisky Review - Malty Mates

Balvenie 25 Year Old Triple Cask / Travel Retail Exclusive

Once you reach that stage, you are ready to try The Balvenie again. Recently had this at a Balvenie tasting event of single barrel bottles. Vol van smaak, kruidig, fruitig en complex zijn woorden die The Balvenie omschrijven.

This explains the vastly different tasting notes you might find from tasters of this Scotch. This is a surprisingly good dram, dating plattform österreich and the only detractor I could find is the abrupt finish. Tastes more expensive than it is!

  1. After adding water a teardrop of water fuity flavour and sherry appears, while nosing.
  2. Ook bij deze Balvenie zijn de kenmerkende rijke, zachte en honingachtige smaken weer terug te vinden.
  3. While speculative, I think any one of the above suggestions might help bring this competent dram up a notch into the realm of greatness.
  4. But my sister was a worthy recipient of the better bottle and I can still drink from it.
  5. Victor my family have a lot of vinyl but nothing to play it on.
  6. This one is a marvel, and because of the Single-Barrel style, you can come back year after year to discover ever different tastes and scents.

Clear and unmuddied heather at the beginning, middle, and end. Add to cabinet Add to wish list. Quite underwhelming, in my opinion.

Blog artikelen Whisky aanbiedingen. The finish is also not as oily as some other expressions and ends rather abruptly, leaving me wanting more. De rijping vindt plaats op refill vaten, first-fill ex-bourbon en first-fill Oloroso sherry. Zowel sherry als verschillende soorten Amerikaanse eiken.

Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Year Old Review
Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Balvenie whisky

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Voor deze batch is weer een grote diversiteit aan vaten gebruikt. One of the creamiest whiskies with an incredible full body. Creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled on top of a toffee apple.

It has a custard taste and very pleasing pepper burn that I look for in any whisky. Don't get me wrong, frau it's not a bad dram at all. But the whole is delicously smooth.

This was my second bottle of Scotch I bought. Not overly complex, but the straightforward sherry is delicious. And I never expect to read a book on an electronic device.

Like liquid candy, but not cloyingly so. For its price you really can't do much better. There are much better whiskies out there for a better value.

Vinyl never went out of style for me, either. Nice review, I had the very same spirit this weekend. You will lose some flavor, unless it's just a few wee drops you add. That is a bargain and a half. Free collection from any shop with stock.

The nose is lovely, and the spiciness on the palate is something that I personally enjoy. By the time you're half way through this you'll be really enjoying, I know I did. The house character is here but a bit tricky to discover through the Sherry overtone.

The dram fills your mouth completely with fruits and spices, more or less a continuation of the nose. De whisky ondergaat geen koude filtratie. It takes you through many flavor profiles that have definite beginnings and ends.

Balvenie 12 jaar Single Barrel First Fill

Balvenie 25 year old Single Barrel

With only half the bottle left it has improved from the time I first opened it. There is a good balance to this malt for what it is, a Sherried scotch. The whisky matured in a whisky oak and spent few months in a sherry cask. Double Wood is a complex and well balanced scotch with the all its flavors on the lighter side. Very full and smooth dram, frau sucht mann für with moderate dryness.

Balvenie 25 Year Old Single Barrel Traditional Oak Whisky - Master of Malt
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