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If you want to be at peak performance while playing basketball, use this basketball workout program as a key part of your overall basketball conditioning. Conditioning The primary goal of your conditioning program should be to get in peak basketball shape.

Shooting and All Around Workouts

Basketball Off-Season Workout Strength and Size

Youth Rules And Standards. You have to stay low to the ground so you can reach the ball and tap it back to your partner. If you're not improving your strength and speed with weight lifting, you're falling behind! This is a great workout that simultaneously works on your handle, your shooting, and playing with the ball in your hands. Lastly back pedal hands held above your head back to the starting point.

Open Basketball Championships. And most importantly, work hard. He also demonstrates some other shooting drills that he likes to do.

This is a great workout put together by Reggie Miller, one of the greatest shooters in the history of basketball. This workout can be done totally by yourself, but can be done quicker with a rebounder. You must have a partner in order to do it for time, but it can also be done individually without the time component.

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Basketball Off-Season Workout Strength and Size

Rest one minute and repeat, three sets. Agilities and Lower Body Lift No.

This workout goes through several aspects of shooting, including coming off screens, creating space off the dribble, and shooting on the move. Step-By-Step Video Tutorials.

45-Minute Basketball Workout

Hourglass Start in one corner of the court. Developing confidence, coordination, strength, timing, and stamina is the athlete's main focus throughout the workout. Begin picking up one ball and shoot a power lay-up.

45-Minute Basketball Workout

Your workouts should get progressively harder. This workout can be done alone, and also can be done slightly quicker if you have a rebounder.

Sprints are only a part of the overall program. You should aim for each workout to incorporate drills that include sprinting, cutting, back pedaling, defensive sliding, and jumping. There is an accompanying chart so that you can chart your shots for different workouts to see your improvement.

You can also change the movement pattern used such as sprinting to the cone and then backpedaling back to the start. This workout was given to us by the coaching staff at Virginia Commonwealth University.

USA Basketball - Minute Basketball Workout18 Killer Strength Exercises for Basketball Players

This forces you to react faster and improve your first-step. Players should stay low and in an athletic stance and use short choppy steps to close out to the cone. It works form shooting, shooting off the catch, shooting on the move and shooting off dribble moves. Then sprint back to the start. Up the Alley Start at one elbow.

Your partner will rebound and put ball back on the line. Defensive slide facing away from the court up the sideline to mid-court, drop step, and sprint diagonally to the opposite corner on the same baseline from where you started. Warm up thoroughly before beginning your workout preferably some dynamic stretching, light cardio, or even enough basketball so that you have broken a sweat but are not fatigued. Basketball is a game of starting and stopping and jumping with varying bouts of very high intensity activity. Your intensity of effort during this drill is crucial.

18 Killer Strength Exercises for Basketball Players

Your rebounder will get that ball and put it back on the line. Then drop step and sprint to the next elbow, reverse pivot, and defensive slide to the corner baseline.

Basketball Vertical Jump Workout. That's what it takes to make it to the next level. You must be trained to stay in, and move from, a solid defensive position for several minutes at a time. Basketball Explosive Strength Workout. If your hands are in by your sides you can't do these things in a game and you can't perform this drill.

Cool down with light basketball drills and then static stretching. Like most sports workout programs, the making of a corporate athlete pdf this basketball workout routine relies heavily on compound movements and exercises that promote a strong and stable core. Open Basketball Championships Recap.

You must go all out every rep of every drill in every workout to truly reach your conditioning potential. Workout Plan Summary Basketball is a demanding sport that involves a huge variety of different types of movements. Keep in mind that this plan is also flexible enough that you can even follow this plan as an in-season basketball workout program. Get started on this workout plan today, and take the next step towards greatness!

Do it several times to work on your conditioning and your shot. Repeat for the desired time or reps. Emphasize being in a low and athletic stance at all times with hands up. If it is made, passer will rebound for you.

Basketball Workout Setup This basketball workout program is primarily a basketball weightlifting program. The more game-like the drill, the better. You will need a rebounder, so grab your buddy, brother, dad, neighbor, whatever, and see how close you can get to the target goals.