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What if a completed city or road has more than one follower? It is possible through clever placement of land tiles for there to be more than one thief on a road or more than one knight in a city. The skills of the players to develop the area and use their thieves, knights, farmers, and monks will determine who is victorious.

Indicates the order the tiles were placed. For example, two separate field tiles each with a follower can become connected into a single field by another terrain tile.

The following is an example of scoring for farms at game end. Do not place followers on the river. If you do so, and that enemy had one of your followers as a prisoner, exchange prisoners. River systems do not need to be completed to be scored. Field with scoring player's Pig, and a Pig Herd.

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Black earns A farm can supply score several cities if they border the farm. Gray so six people can now play Large Followers count as two followers when deciding who has the majority.

River River Branch Pig Herd. Please note that the English-language version of the rules that comes in the box has not been updated with any of these changes. The basic Carcassonne rules have been modified a number of times, partly as a reaction to feedback from Carcassonne enthusiasts. The rules are simple, no one is ever eliminated, and the play is fast. If you don't recognise some of the components in this document then check here to see which set you need to buy to get them.

Carcassonne 2.0 The Classic Tile-Laying Game Gets a New Look

Some tiles have more than one segment of forest. The players decide among themselves who will be the starting player, using any method they choose. City - Cathedral s - no Cathars.

He may do this as the two fields are not yet connected. Then follows the final scoring. Together, they can more than double the length of the game. Like the original game it is based on, the objective of the game is to score points through judicious placement of terrain tiles and followers colloquially referred to as meeples.

Playing the game Players take turns in clockwise order beginning with the starting player. If the tile completed a road longer than any previous road then the player who placed the tile takes the Robber Baron.

The artwork on the front of the tiles, however, has been redone. Players score points during the game and at the end. These expansions are generally compatible with each other and may be played together.

Scoring is based solely on the number of completed cities which the farm touches. One of each player's followers is the player's scoring marker. You may only do one of these.

Documents Similar To Carcassonne Rulebook. Occasional contests with Carcassonne-related goodies as prizes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carcassonne game. Followers may not be placed on rivers. Starting tiles like the River have dark tile backs, salud humana pdf and the regular land tiles have light tile backs.

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Per surrounding tile and its own tile. In regards to the Source and Lake, we've always played that they connect in all directions. It still looks similar, but the walls now have blue-roofed towers instead of red, and some of the tiles have colorful flower gardens in the fields. If a completed forest contains a gold nugget, the player completing the forest by placing the tile is awarded a bonus turn, and draws a random tile from a separate pile of a dozen bonus tiles.

City - no Cathedral - no Cathars. If a player has a follower on the shrine, only that player scores for the meadow, regardless of the number of followers each player may have in the meadow. The player with the most points after the final scoring is the winner.

GeekDad received a review copy of this title. For the video game based on the board game, see Carcassonne video game.

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Return the knight, thief, or monk. MrNumbers Global Moderator.

Followers placed in a meadow are not returned to the player, and the meadow is not scored until the end of the game. Hi, my understanding is that only the abbot may be placed on a flower garden.

The placing player may not use a follower to claim any features of the tile that extend or connect features already claimed by another player. Large Followers count as two followers when deciding who has the majority.

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If players tie with the most, they rejoice in their shared victory. Yes, officially the farm does go around the spring. Per completed besieged City. All followers in scored areas are returned to their owner's supply. It is possible that followers may share the same feature if the placement of a tile joins two features of the same type, each of which already has a follower on it.