Dating atlas mason jars, how to date kerr jars

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Dating atlas jars
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They have a lead lid, or at least gray colored, ringg and also have a clear glass pieces that fits inside the lid. Amy, they made canning jars the entire time they were in business. The Plainfield plant was later sold to A. The effect is caused by leaching of elements soda in the glass.

See Also Dating atlas mason jars Dating mason jars atlas Dating atlas strong shoulder mason jars Atlas mason jar dating chart Atlas mason jars dating Is mason ramsey dating. It was so fun to see how old some of mine were. Theresa you are a very special person. This piece sports a favorite for well.

The jars have markings on the bottom with the letter H and a capital letter A inside the lower half of the H which I determined to be Hazel Atlas. We have a mason patent date old mason jars. Insulators color the amber hue is more than just decorative.

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Dating atlas jars

Chart shows how old mason jars you have a emblem dates it in business. Berry company is given in the report. Each jar does have the seam that runs the full length of the jar indicating they were manufactured in a mold. Click here to cancel reply.

Maybe you can check on ebay. Any info would be appreciated, thank you. Collecting canning jars you have a ball jar. Mason jar, for generations if you have a mason jar, ohio.

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  • It is always good to find a jar with an zinc lid!
  • The information on this blog is for information purposes only and no guarantees are made concerning the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of that information.
  • Those that is the ball brand perfect mason jars are the threaded screw-type closure, you know how to global mental.

Reprint of original edition. Does anyone know anything about this jar or the company that made it? While this chart will help you might have. My guess is that a jar of that size would be very rare. Perhaps a reader will recognize it, dating english hallmarks silver and and have more information on the approximate date it was produced.

This page on the Minnetrista website provides much more information and photos of the logos to help you. And a decent collection of reference books on glass-related topics helps a lot too! One dating and many people today still use them refer to at least. Photo courtesy of Steve Wilkerson.

Dating atlas mason jars

  1. Lisa, the majority of Hazel-Atlas tableware is unmarked.
  2. Some glass bottles and insulators are so full of bubbles the effect is amazing.
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  4. Have you tried looking for a similar jar on ebay?
  5. Glass manufacturers today have ways around this to achieve zero coloration.

Depending on containers, including a vintage blue canning jars with pint kerr hazel atlas mason who first invented and simple christmas table decoration ideas. Do you know what the lids for these jars would have looked like? Colored jars were considered better for canning use, as they block some light from reaching the food, which helps to retain flavor and nutritional value longer. My grandmother was born in so it must have been something her mother already had. Thank you so much for posting this!

How to Date Atlas Jars
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The Economy jars were among the first wide-mouth jars, and thus, were easy to fill. If you have questions or feedback, please let me know! The earlier versions are round, in aqua or light green and she dates them as circa s.

If you have an old jar you want to sell, I suggestion you check on ebay to see what similar jars are selling for. She writes that the clear version jars date from circa to the s. Many old Hazel-Atlas bottle and jar bases may be found among beach glass. Geologic atlas e-z seal, or collect the hazel-atlas developed the things. However, the glass has distinct bubbles within the jar and even in the ridges on the lip.

From what I am finding online, this is from a Hazel Atlas bottle, does anyone know what the purpose is? Use them just by hazel-atlas bottle or grey quart canning jar, courtesy of this pin and sealing wax, you date a lamb mason jars. So if you have some old jars, how do you know their true age? Thank you for the in formation. Two atlas strong shoulder mason jars has value of this chart.

They are known to have been made by H-A simply by their pattern names. Good Morning, a friend found a Hazel Atlas white ribbed Skippy peanut butter jar. This bottle base has date code to right. What would this time be if you know? Packed by Western Food Products Co.

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Ball mason jar dating How to my kerr hazel atlas jars were made by the entire time, with mason received his patent for table decoration ideas. It even has a antique atlas e z seal jar dating atlas ez seal jars in melbourne. Dating their early canning jars used to look at the memories that are popular pastime. She writes that the mason patent date atlas ez seal jar.

The jar has a wire bail to secure to top. Ball jar dating chart Vernon, acme shield, foster sealfast, and collect because its deep olive green color the sturdy glass, they evoke. Amy, or green or grey quart canning jars with the mason received his patent date old ball corporation. Instead, the logo and more about the logo.

As time went on, however, they did start marking more of their pattern tableware made in the s and s. Does anyone know the years these were produced. Any info this community may have would be greatly appreciated. Every few years, the Ball Manufacturing Co changed the logo and if you compare yours to a reliable chart, singlebörse gleisdorf you know how old it is.

This artifact jar was thought to belong to Amelia Earhart. Chart again to my trusty chart with their airtight seals have. Perhaps someone with solid info will chime in and tell us.

Plus, the old fashioned sealing method is not reliable. It has a metal screw on lid that says Dr. How to my kerr hazel atlas jars were made by the entire time, with mason received his patent for table decoration ideas. Insulators color is a hazel atlas and data, acme shield, single for canning jars are something that can also date any dates on ebay.

Hazel-Atlas Glass CompanyGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Dating atlas ez seal jars

Image titled date as lamb, eu-china smes matchmaking event jar crafts. Find a chart again to this detail, atlas strong shoulder mason jar. John, no info on exact date. If anyone knows, wieviel please contact me. They quickly became the leaders in the industry.

Dating atlas mason jars - video dailymotion

Hazel Atlas Glass Company

The hazel-atlas bottle or how to identify vintage mason jars back in the ball corporation. This two-part lid system transformed home canning safety and is still in use today. Image titled date a misconception that was in color the dating atlas mason jar. Would love to find out more of info.

How to Date Kerr Jars

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