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This one moment of kindness will take nothing away from the severity of our duty. Dom Carlos explains that he and his brother, Dom Alonso, have been hunting for Dom Juan in order to seek revenge for the seduction of their sister. And like Alexander the Great, I wish there were other worlds, where I could extend my amorous conquests.

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You have nothing to worry about. Piarrot, you always come and say the same thing. Ah, they are lovely, and your lips are so appetizing.

How poorly you can defend yourself for a man of the court, who should be accustomed to these sorts of things. But I declare, for my part, that I am not the one who wants to fight.

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Don Juan- Moliere pdf

Would the Lord Commander be willing to come to dinner with me? The Statue bows its head again. Maybe it will happen all of a sudden if you stop thinking about it.

Again I say to you, Heaven will punish you, villain, for the outrage you have perpetrated on me. My brother, here you are with our mortal enemy! It seems like he is alive, and he might open his mouth to speak. No, that would be a desecration of your beauty. But I swear, his aid has been useful, and the two have made the other three flee.

Death makes us think of Heaven. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Repeatedly slapping his savior is definitely the height of his rudeness throughout most of the play.

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Traitor, you did not tell me she was here herself! That would be on your conscience, and you see how I am acting in good faith. Your line of reasoning has a broken nose. Do you believe this transformation, my lord?

All I needed was this visit to drive me over the edge. Dom Juan cries out that he is burning.

No matter what happens, it will never be said that I am capable of repentance. Yes, I could not suffer seeing them so happy together. You know that you allow me disputation, and you only forbid reprimands. His bold gesture wins her over, despite her previously promising to marry Pierrot, who had recently saved Don Juan and Sganarelle from a shipwreck. They ask him for directions.

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But I am trying to tell her that you are the one I want. Everyone has told me marvelous things about this work, and about the statue of the Commander. Yesterday you promised to come and eat with me. When honor has been mortally wounded, one must not dream of mercy, and if you refuse to lend your arm to this action, you have only to stand back and leave to my hand the glory of such a sacrifice. Large flames emerge from the place where he fell.

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Don Juan manages to inveigle his way out of this trouble, leaving both women to believe that all is well. Dom Juan immediately tells Sganarelle he meant none of it. Don Juan is presented as a character with many different facets to his personality that are exposed in the five acts of the play. Similar to many of his plays Moliere himself was acting, patterns of world history since 1750 pdf in this case as Sganarelle. The plays of Moliere have often been satirical works that mock the society of his day.

They decided in the end to give him the emetic. No one knew what else to prescribe for him, and everything they tried did nothing.

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Don Juan is usually associated with overstressing certain aspects of his language in order for himself to appear correct. Let us not think about the evil that may happen to us, and let us think only on that which can give us pleasure.

Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtues. Your religion, as far as I can tell, is arithmetic?

And I might as well just bang my head against a wall. He then speaks at length and with passion in praise of hypocrisy. Your eyes are all dilated. And the people serving him are also gentlemen themselves. Humor is created by dialogue and exaggeration.

So while we were messing around and all, I saw something splash in the water, and it was floating towards us. You both claim that I promised to marry you.

Moliere created the play Don Juan in order to salvage his career after the social outrage Tartuffe had perpetuated concerning social hypocrisy. In the countryside, near the city. His motives of secret weddings are always in an urge to fulfill his rapacious desires of passion, not associated with the individual women at all. And the only thing I ask in return, is to correct your life and prevent your destruction.

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Save yourself, I pray you, whether for love of yourself or for love of me. You run and hide when I am attacked? For example, Charlotte, Mathurine, Pierrot, and a few others are all given obvious French names, despite the setting occurring in Sicily. You know that I am concerned with this matter, and that I took charge of it in your presence. My Lord Commander, my master Don Juan requests that you would do him the honor of coming to dine with him?

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