Effervescent Tablets Formulation Pdf

Ranitidine effervescent tablets are of a faster action onset and a more effective treatment for gastrointestinal diseases. In this study, nine effervescent tablet formulations were prepared from amoxicillin trihydrate. After altering the ratio of effervescent components, the materials had a lot of effect on solubility and pH. To evaluate the physical strength of tablets, in addition to the hardness test, linear electronics pdf the friability test was also performed. Tablets prepared from the effervescent granules had small weight variations due to their better flowability.

Sieve method was used for this test. The values were within the range of N.

Other studies suggested similar findings. Find articles by Abolfazl Aslani.

Bulk and tapped densities in granules due to increased porosity and decreased cohesion force were less than that of the powders. In addition, the drugs prescribed commonly in high doses may be used in the form of effervescent tablets. Adequate purified water was then added to fill the flasks.

Effervescent tablets formulation pdf

Another study found similar results. On the other hand, one dose of effervescent tablet is often dissolved in ounces of water. We decided to formulate and research amoxicillin trihydrate effervescent tablets. When tartaric acid was employed to a greater extent than citric acid, the resulting solution was turbid and a large amount of sediment remained in the bottom of glass. Ranitidine of mg effervescent tablets aren't available.


Effervescence time was defined as the moment when a clear solution was obtained. Effervescent compounds basically absorb a lot of moisture.

Thickness was measured by using a calibrated dial caliper. On the other hand, the larger particle size of granule than powders resulted in decreased contact area of particles. Afterwards, the mixture of ranitidine and the sweeteners was added. The effervescent base was comprised of various amounts of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

Weight Variation Twenty tablets were randomly selected and weighed individually and the weights of tablets were compared with the calculated mean weight. Tablets prepared by the fusion method exhibited superior pre- and post-compression characteristics as compared to tablets prepared by direct compression method. On the other hand, liquid forms of drugs are not stable enough and slow release dosage forms have longer routes for changing throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

One tablet was dissolved in purified water. All formulations had passed assay test successfully.

Effervescent tablets formulation pdf

The results obtained at each stage of formulation were utilized and the best formulations selected. Effervescent systems with appropriate pre and post-compression qualities dissolved rapidly in water were selected as the best formulations. These differences are found in manufacturing process of the granules. One of the main reasons for weight uniformity is appropriate flowability of powders.

The particle size of all formulations was in the range of microns. Consumer friendly mucolytic formulations.

Effervescence time A tablet was placed in a glass containing purified water and effervescent time was measured by a stopwatch. Open in a separate window. The following physicochemical tests were conducted to evaluate the tablets.


Controlled environmental conditions are very important in producing the effervescent tablets. All tablets had similar conditions in the weight variation test in pharmacopoeia limits i. Twenty tablets were randomly selected and weighed individually and the weights of tablets were compared with the calculated mean weight.

It was measured by fixed funnel method. The effervescent components and the ratios between them were determined according to the neutralization of acids and alkali and the allowed amount of each component. An important disadvantage of suspensions is inter-dose variability, often seen when patient forgets shaking the bottle before taking the medication. Tapped density A quantity of accurately weighed powder from each formulation was introduced into a measuring cylinder. They was exposed to all of the physicochemical tests.

Effervescent tablets formulation pdf

Formulation, characterization and physicochemical evaluation of potassium citrate effervescent tablets. Other components were weighed and mixed with amoxicillin granules to obtain a homogeneous powder. Effervescent products can increase gastric pH and avoid or minimize the destruction of materials, prone to gastric pH. The hardness of the tablets was determined using a hardness tester. Formulation, preparation techniques and evaluation.

Tablets had uniform thickness, which shows that the force used by the tableting machine was uniform. The percentage of compressibility index was calculated as. Formulations comprising different stochiometric ratios of citric acid, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate were made to determine the pH at which amoxicillin trihydrate had a greater solubility. It is also used in postoperative prophylaxis and in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory conditions related to histamine receptors.

Inter J Pharmacol Res Dev. Therefore, friction between particles decreased and so flowability increased.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Journal List Adv Pharm Bull v. The powder blend and granule mixture were evaluated for various pre-compression characteristics, such as angle of repose, compressibility index, mean particle size and Hausner's ratio. Effervescent tablets of ascorbic acid I. This difference may be caused by the manufacturing process of the granules.

Effervescent tablets formulation pdf

The tablets will pass the test if not more than two tablets fall outside the percentage limit and none of tablet differs by more than double percentage limit. The granules were allowed to flow through a funnel fixed to a stand at a definite height. The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy.

Another advantage relating to effervescent tablet is that when they are taken by the patient, exactly the taken amount enters the stomach. Bioavailability of new formulations of amoxicillin in relation to its absorption kinetics.