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Fender Cyber-Deluxe DSP 7 Amplifier Frequently-viewed manuals

If no handshake is received then the amp will transmit the first data packet. For stereo line output, headphone, line sotie with speaker simulation for recording, midi. There are some really cool presets.

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This amp is perfect for the musician ready to move out of the garage and onto the stage. The amp models in the factory presets are outstanding at all volume levels. In a mix they are nonexistent. The effects too, satisfy everything you would need, btu not everythign you would want No wah, but thats easily fixed with the upgraded pedal.

Fender Cyber-Deluxe DSP 7 Amplifier Frequently-viewed manuals

Fender Cyber-Deluxe DSP 7 Manuals & User Guides

Even the effects are applied according to the modeled real amp pre or post treatment. The value for money is convincing, especially as this last fall. Overall I'm pleased with this purchase because it meets my expectations but do not hesitate to spend a few hours on it before you get an idea for a long grip is necessary. It is equipped with a hp twelve inches. Actualy thats my only beef with this amp other then that its great!

At the time I tried too few amps before buying it. Oh and it comes with a four switch preset stomp box!

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But after reading the manual we can better understand the logic of the device and it comes out fairly quickly. For its part, the manual is very detailed and once is unusual in French. So it lacks some serigraphs and it is often back into the manual to know what each setting. He convinced me of the benefits of modeling.

The weight is still very reasonable about twenty kilograms. Granted it is not going to be a real authentic tube tone but rather a solid state tone that will be much less punchy and thinner than a solid tube amplifier. Multiply displayed value by to calculate the approximate delay time in shaded parameters in the figure and tables below are available only in milliseconds. It offers tremendous opportunities for a limited size, ease of maintenance and utilistation zero no lights.

Fender Cyber-Deluxe DSP 7 Related Products

This is a modeling amp with integrated effect section. Perhaps i'm asking too much, but i wish it came with a wah pedal as well as the four channel foot switch. Better to make his own recordings. It must be simple, does not turn his amp synthesis. The digital display allows for fine adjustments.

However, the possibilities are immense. The controls are simple to use on stage if u need to change something before a gig and the amp is a perfect practice amp to it has a trim knob that lets you measure how much volume u need. Yet, the amp is still lacking in overall tone and feel. It all there, and the first thing you notice is how warm it is. These amps are highly sought after for those wanting to hear every single Fender amp made.

The Fender Cyber Deluxe is deffinately worth each penny. What i don't like about the cyber deluxe was that it should have included two speakers for stereo amplification. After testing many amps to find the right rock sound, cheap pdf reader device I instantly fell in love with the Fender Cyber Delux at our downtown music shop.

For the money its the best amp out there. The tone from any amp modeler is going to be thin and sound basically like trash. It works well in this case.

Transistor - Modlisation - What is the power dlivre? The interface is not always on top because the amp is rather small and already provided lots of buttons and other pots. Good space inside the cabinet for the foot switch and various cables.


Did you find this review helpful? Despite the many clear its characteristics. Note only that the amp delivers beautiful harmonics.

It is without doubt the best amp I had. The connection is very full, especially with an emulator hp stereo output, the possibility to connect another amp to get sound in stereo. They have computer input abilities that are very great.

This amp is small, but it packs a punch! The sounds of plants are too demonstrative for use on stage. But Basically I love it to bits. Again this amp is a modeler amp and most modelers sound like garbage.

Sort by most recent most useful. It has a tuner whose effectiveness is not absolute, but helps out. The compressor and noise gate complete this outfit complete. This amp as virtually every Fender amp model within the main brain of this amp.

There really is nothing that this amp can't do as far as classic Fender tones. But his clear and saturates Fender type should not put it next to a hot rod deluxe. So you have to be a Fender amp lover to really enjoy this amp.

The clean sounds are superb and very nice crunch. First, the System Exclusive Header is sent.

However, I regret the absence of speaker output. Yes, but do not use the original sounds. It is often used to increase the sustain of held notes in guitar solos, and to avoid overpowering any other instruments with rhythm guitar. If I were to use this it would only be in a practice situation of some kind.

The price has dropped, if that is what we seek ie, a super multi-effect with a more than not drinking but still light the value is excellent, especially around secondhand euros. Heavy construction as far as i've noticed. Lots of effects to keep you interested and lets your music grow. This is just to play these sounds through headphones!