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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is most common leukemia in what kind of people? This drug can potentiate the effect of prostacyclins to antagonize platelet stickiness and therefore decreases platelet adhesion to thrombogenic surfaces. To ensure symmetry between the composition of the interior and exterior lipid layers D. Gastrointestinal bleeding C. Risk factors of venous thrombosis?

Hoffbrand Hoffbrand s Essential Haematology

TOP HEMATOLOGY Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

Increased Erythrocyte destruction D. This site is protected by wp-copyrightpro. It is Autosomal dominant inheritance C. Investigation of Iron deficiency anemia? Precise, but not accurate B.

Adjacent to megakaryocytes along the adventitial cell lining C. Mylene Jane Husain Bartolome. Saraswati Wulandari Hartono.

Anti phospholipid Syndrome. Iron out of duodenal cells from the intestinal lumen B. Improper disposal of phlebotomy equipment C. To replace lost lipids in the membrane B.

With a genes and B genes on the same chromosome including two a genes and two B genes B. Apalstic anemia can be induced by drugs such as Litium, acetazolamide and aspirtin.

All males with defective gene have hemophilia B. Which of the following gathers, organizes, and directs light through the specimen? What are the major criteria of polycythemia?

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Hereditary Spherocytosis C. Increased flexibility of the cell membrane C. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia C.

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TOP HEMATOLOGY Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdfHematology Mcqs

Glucose and lactic acid B. Alcoholic liver disease B. Myeloma Investigation of Iron deficiency anemia? Lymphocytic predominant B.

So that the hydrophobic portions are facing the plasma C. Which types of cells develop from yolk sacs Mesoblastic phase? Iron out of duodenal cells into the plasma C. Surrounding fat cells in apoptotic islands D.

Which of the following cells may develop in sites other than the bone marrow? Which of the followong types of microscopy is valuable in the identification of crystals that are able to rotate light? In the center of the hematopoietic cords B. In chains beneath a protein exoskeleton B.

At which month of fetal development does the bone marrow become the primary site of hematopoiesis? Wearing masks during patient contact B. What are the myeloproliferative disorders? With a genes and B genes on seperate chromosomes, two a genes on one chromosome and one B gene on a different chromosome C.

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Which of the following forms of Hb molecule has the lowest affinity for oxygen? During the Medullary Phase of hematopoietic development, which bone is the first to show hematopoietic activity? Accurate, but not precise D.

Hoffbrand Hoffbrand s Essential Haematology

Patient movement during venipuncture B. No neurological symptoms in folic acid C. Wearing disposable lab coats D. Hydroxyurea increases hemoglobin production and decreases reticulocyte cells. More From Muhammad Arslan Gill.

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Documents Similar To Hematology Mcqs. Which anemia is classified as not being able to use iron properly to synthesize hemoglobin because of a inherited cause.