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The blue prints for the carburetor disappeared. Here is the same image again from another site.

Bob is is into saving a planet for mankind and his grand daughter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If they make the same type of gas as we are making. Never try and wash off the catalytic layer built up on your cell. We are only one of a few companies that actually pays him a royalty to sell a cell that he approves of.

Hydrogen fuel enhancementHoward Johnson s permanent Magnet Motor

That way I will not merely be telling what the inventor says they do, but I will reveal what happened when I tried the experiments myself. Alternative Energy Alternative energy news, and information about renewable energy technologies. Hopefully, doing so will enable us to make this motor a reality. Professor Theodosios Korakianitis at Queen Mary University of London says water by itself would not be enough to get your car going. It may have looked funny, but it was actually very efficient.

Looking at some of the pictures from back then, the cars literally look like they have a wood-burning furnace attached to the hood or trunk. Small lawnmower engines too. Incidentally, the photograph shows the vehicle about half ways along the track. The image above is from the Magniwork manual. Some of these cells are capable of enhancing the combustion, completing the burn and blowing apart the hydrogen carbon chain.

This left movement is enhanced by the attraction force between the armature north pole and the stator south pole at the bottom of the space between the stator magnets. Nasa uses this technology. If you are interested in having your product marketed and it works to what you believe will benefit humanity, please email me at korstrategies at gmail. However, if the armature is rotated degrees and started at the opposite end of the track, it would behave in exactly the same manner except that it would, in this example, move from left to right. Within two days, this former skeptic had become a believer.

If I had done this with a gas powered generator I may have had something. Educating the public on hydrogen generators is more important to us. You came to the right place to learn quickly about the Hydrogen Boosters Cells, Hydrogen generators, hydroxy gas generators, etc. But they are so scared that I and my associates are going to violate some of these laws, sphe8202r pdf that they have to get to the pass to head us off!

Wood-Powered Cars History Repeats Itself

The monumental nature of the invention is obvious, especially in a world facing an alarming, escalating energy shortage. Patrick Kelly has a list of Hydrogen Booster here scroll down the page. All in all, Tom hopes to see some real progress being made for Howard in the next year or so. The devices obviously do work. Modern electric pulsing with a good tall square wave length and the right freq.

Wood-Powered Cars History Repeats Itself

Laying the plate assembly into a pool of tool dip, might be another way to seal up the one side, let it dry and parts dip the other side of ther plate assembly. Wall voids Dryer Vents Ceilings. Some cars better than others, Carb.

The middle five pairs of figures from each table hive been plotted in graphic form to make these differences more obvious. Will we see permanent magnet motors in automobiles in the near future? Everybody wants to have their own transport and a smaller car with.

Full of information and know how. Of course we sell cells ourselves, that is our sales ploy. My belief is that hydro boosters are a step in the right direction of a full blown oxyhydrogen fuel system. As you study the data, be sure to note that the columns are labeled differently.

Magniwork is a scam

Wood-Powered Cars History Repeats Itself

But does that imply that the electron spins and associated phenomena that he thinks provide this power will eventually be used up? Many rip off companies scamming the people, saying run your car on water, when all your doing is putting a glass mason jar under the hood. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. However, this requires that the engine should be modified to operate in the ultra-lean region of the plot of compression ratio vs.

Magniwork is a scam

Howard Johnson s permanent Magnet Motor

Just one of the many Hydrogen Parts Stores with an online business. He was only able to get the linear version working, and there were some questions about its viability. Another set of magnetic flux measurements is made. Scientists are also told that all hydrogen burns the same, or the same combustion power.

Also note that no such energy source has ever been found, nor are there unexplained scientific problems that have us looking for such a force. We all told it don't work. Here is an archived pdf copy of the likely original in case the free site goes down. Utilizing oxy-hydrogen gas to boost a fossil fuel with a complete burn of all the hydrocarbons, produces a way cleaner emission. Many tests by consumer watch groups have shown negative results.

Hydrogen fuel enhancement

The power has to come from somewhere e. Jump on the bandwagon of water as fuel enthusiasts and turn this planet on it's head to the right direction! They are working on electric cars, but can't start manufacturing them yet.