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The unit mole is an expression of mass indicating the number of gram molecular weights. Scientific Notation Section V.

Select the statement that best describes the parts of a solution and the different types that can be made for laboratory use. This grade of chemical is usually satisfactory for most reagents used in the chemical laboratory.

Project Laboratory in Mathematics. Do the mathematics involved and check your work. General Mathematics Review.

For more information about using these materials and the Creative Commons license, see our Terms of Use. This must be considered, and each individual atom within the water molecule must be multiplied by a coefficient of three in addition to any subscripts. In determining the pH of a solution of weak electrolyte, you must first calculate the hydrogen ion concentration. Evaluate the following expressions using logarithms.

Although we will follow the above rule concerning the dropping of the number five, be aware that it is not always observed. In this lesson, we will discuss methods for conversion from one unit of concentration to another. Use the following information in solving normality problems. If one wishes to stabilize an emulsion, an emulsifying agent such as a bile salt must be added.

As was mentioned above, there is no homogeneity of particles in this type of solution. For each exercise answered incorrectly, reread the material referenced with the solution. The characteristic is always determined by inspection of the original number or by applying a simple rule. Multiply the digit terms and add the exponentential terms. If you selected sodium hydroxide as the solute and water as the solvent, you were correct.

Dilutions and dilution factors have no unit of report, because the units divide out. Exponential Expressions Raised to a Power.

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What is the problem asking for? What is the dilution of the serum?

Laboratory Mathematics - US Army Subcourse - PDF Free Download

Solution Read the problem carefully, and select the expression that allows you to solve for the unknown quantity. It should only be used in emergency situations.

Place a specific volume of unknown into an Erlenmeyer flask and record the volume. If one mixes water and oil together and then shakes the container, annual report of maruti suzuki pdf the oil will break into very small particles that will disperse within the water. The units you have left should be an appropriate unit for what the problem asked.

Project Laboratory in Mathematics

Take the antilogarithm of both numbers. Liquid Scintillation Chemicals. Determine the equivalents of base used in the titration. We will examine two of the definitions that will aid you in further course work.

To determine the actual hydroxide concentration of this and like compounds, multiply the given concentration by the number of hydroxide ions per molecule. Conversion of Concentration Units. Titration is the incremental addition of a titrant into a known volume of titrating fluid in the presence of an indicator that identifies the neutralization point. Once again a shift in the equilibrium of the solution occurs but with a minimal change in pH.

This grade of chemical is only suited for industrial use. Read the problem carefully and determine the unknown quantity. For example, if the temperature is increased, the rates of the reaction are increased, and a new equilibrium state is reached. Another key is in the fact that this type of problem will have either two concentrations and one volume or two volumes and one concentration. Development and progress render such doctrine continuously subject to change.

In order to solve this type of problem you must express the dilution as a fraction. The characteristic of the logarithm determines where the decimal point will be placed in the number corresponding to the mantissa when determining the antilogarithm. What volume of mercuric solution was used? This can be more specifically defined as a true solution because the substances are mixed on a molecular basis.

Calculate simple dilutions, serial dilutions, working solutions made from stock solutions, and new standards by mixing known standard concentrations. The reciprocal of the dilution is the dilution factor.

Determine the millimolar weight of the compound. The main reason that this type of solution is commonly used is the ease in calculating the amount of solute needed in its preparation. For numbers that contain less than three digits, add enough zeros to yield a three digit number.

When determining specific gravity, the units divide out. Examples of Bronsted-Lowry Bases. The antilogarithm of the product is taken. Compare the calculated result with your estimated answer. The attached water of hydration has a coefficient of three.


If you were to multiply these two numbers together by the usual method you would have obtained instead of as was determined by the use of logarithms due to the accuracy of the logarithm tables. Be sure your social security number is on all correspondence sent to the Academy of Health Sciences. In a hydrate, a number of water molecules are attached to each molecule of salt. The form of the equation and the degree highest power a variable is raised in the equation will determine the method utilized in problem solving. Determine the mass of one gram molecular weight of the substance.

In other words, chemical reactions take place at the level of the atoms and molecules of the reactants. One equivalent has the mass of one gram equivalent weight. Adding or subtracting the same quantity on both sides of an equation produces an equivalent equation.

Laboratory Mathematics - US Army Subcourse