They are here to amuse other oddball visitors and brighten your mundane day. The entrance exam is usually administered in a written form.

The form request for authorization to dispose of personal property usually adds an additional two weeks to process through the Department of Audit. Their cooperation is based on specific needs of the Faculty and its Departments and on the contracts within the framework of international projects. When a travel authorization is approved and encumbered, your available budget is reduced by the amount indicated.

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Send a memo to Procurement indicating the reason for change, original purchase order number, and the change to be made. The rental car contracts include unlimited mileage and free collision insurance.

If the most economical mode is unavailable, principles of sociology pdf free the employee is to provide supporting documentation justifying the request for the reimbursement of travel at a less economical rate. The DreamHost customer who owns ventureblogalist. Knowledge of these procedures will help all documentation to flow smoothly through those processes. Read article Home page personal website web host.

Pr vnick fakulta Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej


Important Disclosures

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If the user department has accepted the low bid, a purchase order can be issued. The memo may be faxed to Procurement.

Personal checks are accepted in payment of your student account. If the most economical mode is not chosen, travel will only be reimbursed at the most economical rate.

All rentals require both a corporate discount number and billing number to ensure direct billing or a personal credit card. All checks and money orders must be in U.

Kam do mesta je kultrno-spoloensk sprievodca kultrnymi akciami, ale aj firmami na celom zem Slovenska. Below is a link to download a travel authorization form.

Increases or decreases to existing purchase orders are allowed as long as they do not conflict with state purchasing laws. Requisitions that have attachments ie quotes, order forms, receipts, etc.


Students also participate in the Faculty's scientific and research activities by means of their own research and art projects. The attachments may be faxed to Procurement referencing the requisition number. Request for reimbursement must be made within the first week after return from the authorized trip.

Procedures Guide

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Neither of these quotes should be through a travel agency if they will not be used. Overpayments that exceed budgets or are more than the above limits must follow the same authorization as the original requisition through purchasing. If attending a convention, seminar, conference, etc. The owner of this domain has not yet uploaded their website.

The approval processes are different and require different lead time. Teachers regularly attend international conferences and are members of international organizations. Airline Travel A number of travel agents are on state contract that may be used for travel arrangements. In July the Faculty became a part of Matej Bel University, and a new chapter of its history was started.

Facsimile quotes are acceptable. No additional fee is associated with checking account transactions. Equipment and supplies should not be placed on the same requisition.

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The user departments may decide to call vendors for written quotes. When planning for a business-related travel, employees are required to compare each mode of transportation and select the most economical mode. Requisitions must be completed and approved before Procurement can process. If the low quote is accepted, the department need only attach all the quotes to the requisition form and forward to Procurement. The Faculty is also involved in grant projects carried out in cooperation with partner universities in Slovakia and abroad as well as in grant projects of the European Social Fund.

Read article growing potatoes growing strawberries growing vegetables. Learning Opportunities Read article. Please note these cut offs help us make timely payments to you and all our other vendors. Reimbursement may be determined by miles traveled or gas.

It is a quarterly magazine that serves as a platform for the teachers at the Faculty of Education to present their research findings. The mission of the Faculty is to prepare new professionals in occupations focused on work with people, i.

Contact the Procurement Office at for billing number information. Itemized gas receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. The option to purchase insurance should always be declined and will not be reimbursed.