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Windscreen, side windows and footwells. These are for affixing toll cards or parking passes. The Honest John Satisfaction Index. Use the special pliers A attached to the box. Tyre pressures and paint colour code.

If the key is lost locks that door. In particular, it allows the temperature to be lowered in summer and the effective- ness of the demisting to be increased in winter.


Advice on use Position the air flow control at a sufficient level to ensure correct renewal of air inside the vehicle. Scrolling stops as soon as you release the button. Press the unlocking button on the alarm remote control.

You must be outside the vehicle The doors unlock. What is the Fuel Calculator?

PEUGEOT 306 2002 Owner s Manual

Cheers, Chris Reply Report as offensive Link. The vehicle was Ford Direct with a two year, unlimited mileage warranty. Gradual illumination opening or closing a door. Previous crash damage was not disclosed on a car I now own - what are my rights?

My French might be good enough to manage a French-language handbook with a bit of help from a dictionary and the tip about the Haynes Citroen Xsara is useful too. As you'd expect, the owner's handbook is sparse, to say the least.

Never heard of Russek handbooks, but I'll investigate. Pull the stalk fully towards you. Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. The fuse numbers are indicated on the fuse box.

Seat back angle adjustment. Related posts L Alternator pulley moving? If the remote control does not work after the battery has been changed, re-programme the remote control.

PEUGEOT 306 2002 Owner s ManualPeugeot handbook

Peugeot Workshop & Owners Manual

Automatic search of higher frequencies radio. The cooling circuit is pressurised. By continuing to press the button in the direction selected, you will obtain continuous scrolling of the frequency.

Automatic search of lower frequencies radio. Rear ashtray To empty, open and pull towards you.

But if there were any problems engine-wise, there's not much you could do anyway. Never place your feet or any object on the fascia. Windscreen, side windows Side and central vents. Press the brake pedal when starting the engine and to exit position P.

Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel? The sound stops then becomes audible again, confirming that the station has been stored in memory.

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Windscreen and side If the system is not producing cold air, Footwells only. Is it worth buying a Volkswagen Polo with a dented boot, and is it easy to repair? Are there any odourless screenwashes on the market? Do not drive with the front panel flap open.

Neighbour scuffed my car and wants insurance involved - what's the best way to get the damage repaired? The boyfriend of my neighbour's daughter damaged my car lightly. Press wait moments until it pops out - open and pull the unit. Recently my car was hit by another vehicle. It could hamper the operation of the airbags or injure the occupants.

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Should I buy the car and how would I be able to get rid of the dent? Position the seat belt under the strap Insert the seat belt stalks in the hooks. Increase the audio setting. Amber direction indicator lights the boot.

Have you checked your credit rating before buying a car? Automatic points and fines for drivers who ignore motorway red X lane closures. This allows the rear windows to be locked in any position.

This will enable you to obtain a duplicate of the anti-theft sockets from a Peugeot dealer. This will be undertaken free of charge, la trepadora romulo gallegos pdf descargar provided that the maintenance of your vehicle has been carried out within the Peugeot network.

The window stops as soon steering wheel. RichardW Reply Report as offensive Link. When I got an insurance quote I was told that there had been a previous no fault insurance claim for the vehicle. Special precautions Therefore, if you wish to lock the To set the alarm with exterior pro- vehicle without setting the alarm, tection only use the key. It works in conjunction with the seat belts.