Semisolid Dosage Forms Pdf

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Semisolid dosage forms pdf

These bases are fats, fixed oils, hydrocarbon or silicones. Aluminum tubes with special internal epoxy coatings. Critical Manufacturing Parameters, for a true solution, the order in which solutes are added to the solvent is usually unimportant. The test passes if leakage is not observed from any tube.

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They are soft viscous wet masses of solid substances. Care must be taken for any product using a pump. On small scale, fusion method is carried out in a porcelain dish, which is placed in a water bath. Monitoring the flow rate when using an in-line homogenizer is necessary in order to calculate the theoretical number of times the product passes through it.

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You do not have the permission to view this presentation. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Overhearing can occur if the formulation is pumped too quickly.

Sch. Acad. J. Pharm. 2014 3(2) 153-161

These are meant for insertion in to the body cavities other than mouth. Theoretical calculations can determine the number of times a sample will pass through either, but actually performing the experiments is necessary to achieve optimal results. The use of air pressure and inert atmosphere to achieve product performance and stability in the primary container. Formulation and Evaluation of Benzyl Benzoate Emulgel.

The method of processing which we choose to prepare these drugs formulations are many and must be controlled as tightly as possible. Sterility tests are therefore performed by the membrane filtration technique or direct - inoculation techniques. Obtaining proper mixing speeds for each phase at very batch scale. The loop produced a far more uniform product without increasing the speed or time of mixing. As the product is cooled, the formulation hit a critical temperature in which it rapidly thinned out and began mixing out of the tank.

Then remaining ingredient of the base are added in the decreasing order of their melting points and melted with constant stirring. An ideal topical formulation can be produced using a simple, flexible process. As the product cooled, the formulation hit a critical temperature in which it rapidly thinned out and began splashing out of the mixing tank. Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Estrogen Neuroprotection.

Polypropylene containers offer high heat resistance. They usually contain a medicament or medicaments dissolves, suspended or emulsified in the base. Suction can be tested by measuring the vacuum being pulled at the inlet of the. Powder iodine in a mortar and pestle and add it to arachis oil taken in a flask.

Ruvie Ann Alamo Ballester. An example of the need for good temperature control is the emulsification step of a traditional oil-in-water emulsion. This is particularly important for solutes added to the formulation at a concentration near or exceeding that of their solubility at any temperature to which the product may be exposed. They are used as emollients, cleansing creams, vehicles for solid, liquid, or non- hydrolyzable drugs. These samples should be taken separately from the validation samples.

Rigorous experimentation and feasibility batch studies are critical in developing a commercial manufacturing process. In a typical manufacturing process, the critical points are generally the initial separation of a one-phase system into two phases and the point at which the active ingredient is added. Ten sealed containers are selected, and their exterior surfaces are cleaned. Wool fat, wool alcohol, beeswax and cholesterol.

Water in oil emulsion bases These are anhydrous, hydrophilic, absorbs water and non water removable and occlusive. These are semi solid masses applied to the skin to enable prolonged contact of drug with the skin. Water soluble does not contain oily and are called greaseless base and are completely soluble in water. WordPress Embed Customize Embed.

In general, health insurance pdf semisolid dosage forms are complex formulations having complex structural elements. The objective of present study was to document the requirements for manufacturing of semisolid dosage forms. The Viscometer- Calibrated to measure the apparent viscosity of the disperse system at equilibrium at a given temperature to establish system reproducibility. These are also known as cataplasm.


Emulsions, for example, can be difficult to process because they are inherently thermodynamically unstable. Equipment, such as a recirculation loop, may also be used to correct uniformity without changing mixing speed or time, as shown in Fig.

The beginning and end of filling must be represented. Protect the product from the external atmosphere such as heat, humidity, and particulates.

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Topic should be presented in the order in which they appear in the protocol. Too much heating during processing can result in chemical degradation. Their composition softens but does not melt upon application to the skin. How validation will be conducted Objective test parameter Product characteristics Predetermine specification Factors affecting acceptable result. Samples should be taken in triplicate.

Pastes are semisolid dosage forms that contain one or more drug. Semisolids manufactring consideration Flow Diagram Fig. Gels are semisolid systems that consist of either suspensions of small inorganic particles or large organic molecules interpenetrated by a liquid.

Optimal hydration depends on the amount of shear imparted to initially disperse the polymer into the medium. Wiindha Tahta Alfina Ciigejee.



These are generally very thick and stiff. If the process involves only very low shear mixing, a polymer may never be completely dispersed and hydrated, which may result in an out-ofspecification viscosity. They are used as drug vehicles. These thickeners act as emulsion stabilizers to keep oils or creams suspended in water and prevent separation. These problems can be avoided by using eductors e.

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Ophthalmic semisolids should be free from anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and fungi. The bottom of the tank and any potential dead spots should be sampled and examined for unmixed material, if possible.