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High Efficiency Generators. These motors have been demonstrated on national news programs and radio stations across the country. Looks simple enough to make something to the specification.


We have made it easy for you to build at home. His onslaught of rambling in large text and his constant attempts to misinform at the excuse of being stupid should no longer be tolerated. The plans are pages long and are packed with color photo's, drawings and instructions that are easy to follow.

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Many satisfied customers have replicated our generator with success! Out Fluorescent Light Bulbs! However, you do have to prove something for others to believe it true. Learn How To Screen Print.

SP500 AC Generator Kit

Also can be used as the worlds largest and most powerful hand crank generator! But how to get it into the hands of the people would prove to be a great challenge. You should not have the need to do that since we are here to help you with technical support. Payment can be made by bank wire transfer, bmw e61 sicherungsbelegung pdf by personnel check Generatkr Or by bank cashiers check. Great for Home use as well as industrial use!


Originally Posted by dubsta Anyone have info on what is in the pyramid here? This engine does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible generayor.


But you the buyer can do anything you like with the kit, just as long as it is for your own personal home use. His onslaught of rambling in large text and his constant attempts to misinform at the excuse of being stupid should no longer spp tolerated. Find all posts by Matthew Jones. Free Electricity From The Sky.

We knew from past experience, that the world leaders would not allow free energy devices like ours to be manufactured any where in s world! Far less expensive than the Fuelless plans with tons more information. Check out our Bike Generator, a fun science project! Originally Posted by Mark. We tested many different types of coils until we found the most high efficient way generatlr make them.

You can not buy a generator like this any where in the world. But we do have customers that have purchased the kits sp ac generator for that reason alone.


Free Energy From The Earth. Anyone have info on what is in the pyramid here? You can build our generator to run any size home! We do not give refunds on plans and or kits. Is your sp ac generator coil a single layer flat pancake coil?

If you need more wattage output this invention can be scaled up to run at any output you desire. Includes Color photos, as well as drawings and illustrations. They are for your own personnel use only! We are not allowed to manufacture a plug and play system. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together.

This generator can also be made to output extreme higher voltages! Originally Posted by Sinatra Fan. First let me say I am having a great time going through all the plans and videos.

It can also be used as an Generaotr generator at the same time the motor is running or separately. We are working on building proof through customers, making groups were people can discuss this. Please click on the gold logo for more information. You do not have to be an electrical engineer to build this. You build and use at your own risk.

Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here. Originally Posted genefator gyula. The more people we get building these free energy devices for their own use, the closer we get to a free energy world! Free Electricity from the Sky. Great for many high voltage projects.