The Little Book Of Coincidence Pdf

The little book of coincidence pdf

The only thing I wanted more of was some more of the math and physics behind the images. However, it completely overlooks the fact that you'll always find some ratio if you compare enough things in enough different ways. Laura Buxton, age ten, releases a balloon from her back yard. Venus draws a beautiful pentagram around Earth every eight years.

The little book of coincidence pdf

Modern numerology at its worst, where we are to be shocked at the ratios of various parameters of the Solar System. Ah, but did you know that the relative orbital periods of Venus and the Earth describe the same relationships found in Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section? Four years later, lightning destroyed his tomb.

If you are looking for explanations you will have to look outside of mainstream science. It doesn't matter whether this miracle happened to you or to a complete stranger - it can still delight you.

Each is a small, concise and well-written introduction and overview into a fascinating topic by knowledgeable authors. Lots of pretty diagrams and numbers.

This is a one of a kind book. There are lots more coincidences covered in this book. The harmony and simplicity depicted in this book exposes the mysterious fabric of the experiential world in a way that will cause a profound change of perspective. The coincidences referred to in the title are the arrangements of the planets and sun of our solar system.

Martineau touches on this information but does not go too far in depth. The Planets grandly play out the slow Music of the Spheres.

Get ready for some fun facts, riddles, origins, quotes and strange bizarre tales to entertain your brain! Suddenly life doesn't seem so difficult. It is neither larger nor smaller to our eyes. Or meeting someone from Timbuktu with the same middle name as you?

This book points out many measurement relationships that correspond to platonic solids, musical ratios, and other geometric relationships familiar to students of sacred geometry. It's a delight that lingers, that leaves you with a spring in your step. The Wooden Books series bring a fresh perspective to our experience of the world.

Amaze your friends at dinner parties! There's interesting stuff in here, absolutely, but it almost felt condescending at times. And the Moon is times closer to the Earth than the Sun? Discover how to tune in to your intuition, deepen your spirituality, and improve your relationships with simple techniques for developing your psychic senses. Your psychic gifts are just waiting to be explored, and this pocket-size guide makes it easy!

What can I do with this data? You know how the Sun is times larger than the Moon, right? Ever wonder what the odds are of being struck by lightning?

The little book of coincidence pdf

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These and other fun facts abound in The music of the spheres has puzzled some of the best minds in history. Jupiter's two largest moons draw a perfect four-fold flower. Just to hear about a miracle makes you feel more hopeful. If you want to feel more connected to your spirit, make changes in your career, or receive help when making decisions in every area of your life, this is the right book for you! Martineau is a visual artist and an explorer in the finest sense.

You know there's more going on than what meets the eye, but sometimes its hard to find the right source for learning that. They're a divine catalyst, which reminds us that the impossible may just be possible. Zahra Hassan rated it it was amazing. Other books in the series.

There's something about miracles that's utterly enticing. Are you bored, waiting in line, riding the bus, alcohol chemistry pdf on break or in the bathroom? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The music of the spheres has puzzled some of the best minds in history.

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There are lots of pretty spirograph like pictures mapping orbits against eachother, as well as showing other relationships. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Author John Martineau has assembled a lot of evidence here for at least a divine plan of unspecified origin. These and other fun facts abound in this slim volume. If you love mystical arithmetic, this is one to read.

However I just love the beauty of the math. Is there a secret structure hidden in the Solar System? And that is what makes an exact total eclipse possible.

On a side note, after seeing so man Very cool read. Two sisters in Alabama decide, independently, to visit the other. It tried too hard to be profound with a subject that's profound without need for embellishment.

En route, their identical jeeps collide and both sisters are killed. It is also for those who have started the process. Open Preview See a Problem? It took billions of years for us to evolve, and we're just now beginning to understand what created us. He blends visual aspects into this book, small and large, of planetary rotations set in direct mathematical correspondence to musical octaves and scales.

Reading this book definitely gave me the sacred geometry flavored buzz of pleasure. But where are miracles to be found, and how do they come about? Sure, that information would have been over my head, and it would have taken tons more pages to explain, but I craved that, nonetheless.

The little book of coincidence pdf

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