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Are you looking for a Paris tourist map that you can print and slip into your pocket? My favorite one to take is the sunset tour. Facebook Instagram Pinterest. We Instagrammed pictures of our food and each other.

Amanda, this was a great travelogue for Paris. Montmartre is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris. We will provide you with access to the best tourist sites in Paris, free of charge, and all in one document! Do you want to see a different side of Paris and visit hidden places, away from the major tourist sightseeing tours? Picasso, van Gogh and countless others lived and worked in these cobblestone streets.

You can click on the image above or the link below. Do you want to download a map to take with you and use, even when there is no internet connection?

It gets crowded as the day goes on! You can send them or of course keep them as a souvenir. Wow, am I ever glad I came across your site! If you would like something special to be added, you can send me your request by email at Miss Coco Travel Gmail. The only thing we can do is not let it stop us.

Paris Tourist Map in PDF

Hidden Paris Walking Tour. This is one of my favorite walks in Paris. Check out our Hidden Paris guide for all the sights and a printable map. In light of the attacks the tourism industry in Paris will suffer. Usually, you just meet up at the right place and time, but it's possible to book a private walk as well.

We love to travel and to eat! You can work out your route between any two points automatically it pops up! This map is a available as a high resolution pdf which you can download for free links below. If you decide to purchase one of the books about discovering Paris, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. This map is currently not working for me, but if Jef Poskanzer gets around to fixing it, it's well worth checking out.

On just one map, you will find everything you need to make your visit to Paris an unforgettable experience. Notre Dame to Arc de Triomphe Walk. Valence is the place where Coco Chanel got married! They do give you a guideline average e. If you plan to go again, please make sure to visit Marseille, Lyon and Valence!

My recommendation is to go in the morning. If you enjoyed this post, follow us day-to-day on Instagram kevinandamanda! Otherwise, continue straight to reach the Place de la Concorde, its gorgeous surrounding palaces, its fountains and the Obelisk. The best thing we can do for Paris right now is to not stop traveling, but to keep traveling, and keep supporting these local businesses.

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It will send you a notification on your phone when your car gets close so you know when to go outside. Their owners and employees and families will suffer. Do not miss the Sainte Chapelle!

Find a Hotel and Book Online. On our map, next to the most popular must-see destinations, we identify other amazing tourist sites that will provide you with a unique travel experience. However the reality of this world is that tragedies can happen anytime, anywhere, at home or overseas. Travel Resources that will save you time and money. Although getting around with the Uber drivers was an awesome tip, how often did retailers, restaurant servers speak English?

No more waiting outside in the freezing cold or rain for a taxi! Home Blog Destinations About.

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All the things that make Paris the city of lights, the city of love, and the city of romance. Again beautiful images and post. Your email address will not be published. We found everyone helpful and many, many places spoke English or had English versions of menus for us to look at. After a quick walk through the cathedral, be sure to walk around and see the back!

They also usually will have a bottle of water in the car for you. But it was the perfect place for us all to stay together with tons of room for us to hang out in the living areas at night. Book a tour City tours, day trips, special attractions tours, all over Europe.

Paris Tourist Map your downloadable PDF map

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We loved walking all over the city everywhere we could, but sometimes you just need a taxi. And another question, for one more day pdf free obviously Paris is a walking city.

Art prints in various format, notebook and cards. Book Rail Travel Europe has great railways.