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Irawati Karve antropologa, pedagogista e scrittrice indiana ci offre un'interpretazione molto interessante del Mahabharata. They must have aimed to convert the forest land at Khandava into an agricultural land. Vidura and Kunti sat with astonished expressions. Unlike most other tales where women are marginalized presences, here the women give new dimensions and meanings to the entire story line of the epic.

The role of each is pointed out through the story of Drona and Ashvatthama and how circumstances led them to stray from being a Brahman to being a Kshatriya and how it affects them. Gandhari and Kunti rarely get the amount of attention in retellings and in this respect, this book is very different. Irawati Karve, thus, presents a delightful collection of essays, scientific in spirit, yet appreciative of the literary tradition of the Mahabharata. Through all these intrigues and complexities these two mothers held their clans strong and yet they were vastly different in the way their lives were lived out. The author argues that the Bhakti tradition has indeed corrupted the Mahabharatha and our society in particular producing mere idol worshipers.

The book includes nine thought provoking essays, each of these a study of one or more of the key characters of the epic. At times, the book resembles a stack of conspiracy theories but damn are they exciting. She wrote in both Marathi and English on topics pertaining to sociology and anthropology, as well as on nonscientific topics. Who knows the real reasons behind the Kurukshetra war? What is also interesting is the social fabric that the poem reveals of a number of kingdoms, and a people striving to keep a social order based on honour and loyalty to caste.

We struggle all our lives to build name and fame or in corporate lingo, to leave our mark on the sands of time. The question of whether Bhishma's only goal was for the Kuru clan to flourish regardless of who ruled it, is raised here. My only grudge is with her judgment on Draupadi. Any other books, apart from Randamoozam, that I should check out for deep character-studies of the Mahabharata's cast?

And how we get everything wrong because of that. Her chapter on the roles of Brahmins in epic takes the case of Drona and his son Ashwathama.

Whether it was to live with an impotent husband or with sons forever cursed to be deposed and living like ascetics, she chose to stand by the men in her life resolutely. What can we learn from the life of Bhishma?

She wields the pen like a scimitar and her mind like a microscope. Open Preview See a Problem? Who knows who was the rightful heir to the throne of Hastinapur? Same hubris, same lessons learned, same messed-up marriages, same father-son struggles for respect. As she dissects various personas of Mahabharata, she is brutal, incisive and decisive.


The End of an Epoch Review. Had Bhishma too been intoxicated by his own public image?

Any other books, apart from Randamoozam, th. Like a professional trying to determine which stroke in a painting belonged to the original creator, Ms Karve hives off parts of the tale which seems incongruous. It is a breezy read but each essay will leave you lost in thought. The brilliance of late Mrs.

Turns out, she died of natural causes. If you look at the interpretations of the epic right now, Krishna is a god who walked among men and helped restore order in a world that was slowly going to hell in a handbasket. This edition however constitutes only the very first attempt at a critical survey based entirely on the scrutiny of manuscripts of an old text. Men and women lived to eat the fruits of their actions and the epic was ultimately a tragic one. She logically separates the myth, and challenges the mind to question what is familiar because these myths are so deeply entrenched into the lore that they are inherently accepted?

Yuganta The End of an Epoch

Drupada spumed him, saying that friendship could be only between equals and a poor Brahmin could never claim friendship but only patronage. There is so much to Mahabharata than the magic and occult we know of. Pandu lived happily in the iarwati with his five sons until, one day, unable to resist the beauty of Madri, he approached her by force and died in the act.

She has followed relationships like that between Krishna and Arjun and found them to be of equals, of intimate friends rather than the Deity-Follower story that is so popular. This is an insanely long review which I did not think much of until I finished and posted. Yet if one applies reason to the entire aspect, the Gita does not appear to be a part of the original epic.

Rightfully said, Yuganta is a critical take on one of the greatest epics of our times and Irawati Karve only emerges glorious mesmerizing the reader. Duryodhana, the arch villain of the work, had been humiliated by the Pandava yuganta by irawati karve and had cause for resentment. After discovering Yuganta is a short, but in-depth, academic book of accessible essays about the characters in the Mahabharata, I went to Wikipedia. Irawati Karve shows a whole new group of perspectives which argue that beyond the guise of a colossus, Bhishma was a failure as a king, livre freud pdf warrior and a human being.

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Yuganta The End of an Epoch

She compares Draupadi to Sita and says Draupadi went through much more strenuousness. If you're a fan of Indian myth esp.